[OSM-talk] You know you got OCOSMD when...

Ben Robbins ben_robbins_ at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 3 20:04:13 GMT 2007

You know you got OCOSMD when...

...loosing satalite reception feals much the same as a headache

...your body clock runs on gps points per second, and no matter what you do, 
you always seem to finish things 2 hours 40 mins later

...when dots mean more than life

...going to see relatives suddenly sounds interesting

Dutch_DK:  ...visiting distant relatives doesn't relate to the bloodlines...

...when 'diverted traffic' signs are a reward

...when your amiableness directly corralates to 'remaining battery life'

...when no matter how much of a hurry your in, you still sit patiently for 
up to 2 miniuts before setting off

...when you read other peoples gpx files as blogs

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