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Mon Mar 5 12:26:36 GMT 2007

Seems fairly arbitary.

In general, big main roads are trunk, small main roads are primary, even
smaller main roads are secondary, and grid roads are either unclassified,
tertiary or residential.

In the UK it mostly seems to be done by the road number, or where
appropriate, official classification, with a bit of variation depending on
whose mapping it. (one/two digit A roads or named routes as trunk, three or
four digit A roads as primary, B roads as secondary... I know there's people
mapping these things differently)

There's general confusion about whether this tag represents (or should
represent) the physical characteristics, the administrative/regulatory
characteristics, or the administrative/political characteristics. My advice
is pick one and apply it consistantly, and try and blend things in to what
other people are mapping around you (if there are any).


On 05/03/07, Francisco R. Santos <frsantos at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Is there any common scheme for tagging urban streets? I mean, it's clear
> that the "Champs Elysèe" is a "main" street in Paris, and "La Castellana" is
> a "main" street in Madrid, so how should they be tagged: trunk, primary? How
> about other not so clearly "main" streets? Is there something like "4 lanes
> in the same direction is trunk, 2 or 3 is primary", or is every mapper using
> his own criteria?
> Regards,
> Quico
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