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On 3/5/07, Simon Hewison <simon at zymurgy.org> wrote:
> Francisco R. Santos wrote:
> > I think I didn't fully explain.
> >
> > I know there is a general scheme for *roads* outside towns, but what I
> > want to ask is if there is a general scheme *inside* towns. That is,
> > what is the general rule for mapping, for example, downtown London
> streets?
> In London, the main roads are marked on the signs exactly the same as
> outside of London, which Richard Fairhurst summarized tagging scheme.
> Route
> numbers and designations continue into Central London,

And how about streets, not coming from outside the town, with many lanes? I
think there should be some of them inside any big town. They have no
reference, no highway authority classification, just a big street with a
name. At least, this is a *very* common case in Spain.

so it's not too
> difficult to follow the A1 from the Aldersgate Street Roundabout in the
> City
> of London right up to Waterloo Place in Edinburgh. The route occasionally
> changes from trunk to primary based on purely political reasons as to
> whether local, regional or national government maintain it, and
> occasionally
> it becomes a motorway and takes on proper motorway status as the A1(M).
> Having a different designation within towns than outside is a concept
> alien
> to the United Kingdom, but is clearly an issue within Paris, and in Spain.
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