[OSM-talk] Questions

Tom Higgy higgy at bandnet.org
Mon Mar 5 19:36:52 GMT 2007

Oops, forgot to change to the list address again...

Keith Sharp wrote:
>> What triggers a re-render?
>> Sometimes when I edit something I can see it on within an hour or 
>> so.  But others I have been waiting days. I can see some more recent 
>> renders by the bezier errors on to the next tile, but the older tile 
>> does not change.
> I would be interested to find out how re-renders are triggered, a bunch
> of updates I've done over the last few days have yet to show up in the
> slippy map (Osmarender or Mapnik).

The mapnik layer is updated up to once per week and is based on the last
planet.osm dump (usually every Wednesday). Updates are requested just by
looking at the area in question.

The Osmarender layer is updated using the live data. Updates get
requested automatically by looking at the RSS feed but it won't be
requested more than once in a certain amount of time.

You can request updates to the Osmarender layer at
http://www.informationfreeway.org/ or my static tile browser
(http://osm.bandnet.org/browse/), which will also allow you to update
low zoom tiles as well.

Have a g'day,


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