[OSM-talk] Frustration of an experienced mapper

Christoph Eckert ce at christeck.de
Tue Mar 6 22:34:41 GMT 2007

Hi Barry,

> But why should the user have to 'do the right thing' by remembering
> to have to reorder the segments. If a way is a collection of ordered
> segments then surely that should be something JOSM (or whatever
> editor) should do when it makes the way.

good point. Either the editor or the database as the central instance 
should keep control over such mismapping.

> I think that users have been doing that pretty well manually when
> they create the nodes from the original gps traces.  Thats why I
> think the lines2curves.pl script works pretty well. Guess you could
> update the editor to let you do this by manually curve fitting, but I
> suspect this would take longer in the end than just putting in a few
> more points and have it done automatically.

If such a tool was well designed, it would help a lot.

> Whats happening with the  thoughts brought up a while back about
> removing segments entirely?

I'd be interested as well. Seems to be gone to the sands...

Have fun,


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