[OSM-talk] Mapping party advice

Iván Sánchez Ortega ivansanchez at escomposlinux.org
Wed Mar 7 22:45:08 GMT 2007


As you may already know, I'm from Madrid, Spain, a place with zero mapping 
parties so far.

Matter is, a cultural centre (a kind of digital arts museum) will host a 3-day 
OSM workshop over april, and I'm the person behind it.

I'm being provided with GPS loggers, computers with Ubuntu and JOSM, and a 
bunch of people interested in this. One day devoted to OSM, data editing and 
JOSM, and two days devoted to a mapping party. Prints of the Madrid map all 
over the place. Meetings with local cartographers. Lots of cool stuff to get 
OSM rolling out in spain.

Problem is, I have zero experience setting up mapping parties, and I'm a bit 
afraid of messing things up. So, I'm turning to you for advice. What kind of 
things should I be aware of? How to split people to walk through the city? 
How many posters to print?

(Just so Steve doesn't get upset about the signal-to-noise ratio in the 
talk at osm list, please reply to the party at osm list)

Iván Sánchez Ortega <ivansanchez at escomposlinux.org>

This was the most unkindest cut of all.
		-- William Shakespeare, "Julius Caesar"
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