[OSM-talk] maemo-mapper & OSM tiles

Zoran Kovacevic zoran at kovacevic.nl
Sat Mar 10 11:52:33 GMT 2007

Hi all,

Maemo-mapper (http://gnuite.com:8080/nokia770/maemo-mapper/) is a map 
renderer and tracker for the Nokia 770 internet tablet. I use it with a 
BT GPS mouse for logging traces.

Online map repositories are specified with a printf-like format string 
that provides three integer fields in the following order: x-coordinate, 
y-coordinate, zoom level. Currently I'm using 
http://mt.google.com/mt?n=404&v=w2.99&x=%d&y=%d&zoom=%d which gives me a 
Google Map for a particular location and zoom level.

I'd love to use OSM tiles, so I can easily find the blank spots of the map.

I've tried it with the OSM tile server, but the order of the arguments 
is different and the zoom is reversed:
gmaps: x, y, zoom
osm: zoom (reversed), x, y

Any idea of a hack for the URL, or should it be a change in maemo-mapper?

Best, Zoran

P.S.: Because of obvious copyright restrictions, maemo-mapper is not 
shipped with map URLs. This is a chance for OSM to be the default map: 

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