[OSM-talk] Loading a random image in JOSM

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Mar 11 21:23:01 GMT 2007


> I have tried to make the combination of the WMS plugin+metacarta map
> rectifier work, but apparently nothing is shown in JOSM, while there
> is no error message either. Try it with Map #160, for example.

Works for me. I have entered minlat=27.0 maxlat=27.3 minlon=56.0 
maxlon=56.4 in the JOSM download dialog, then downloaded OSM data. It 
only gives me one single node so for some reason doesn't auto-zoom, so I 
have to zoom in to that node a bit until the scale indicator reads 
something like 1km. Then I select "rectified image" from the WMS menu 
(with recent versions of WMS plugin, it's not in the main download menu 
any more!), enter the 160, and voila, there's Bandar Abbas right there!


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