[OSM-talk] new cartography

Kristian Thy thy at 42.dk
Wed Mar 14 09:59:38 GMT 2007

On Wed, Mar 14, Artem Pavlenko wrote:
> Looks like you have bad disk sectors on your drive.  Getting a fresh  
> checkout might solve this.

C:\osm\svn.openstreetmap.org\utils>rmdir /S /Q mapnik

C:\osm\svn.openstreetmap.org\utils>svn up
A    mapnik
A    mapnik\generate_tiles.py
A    mapnik\setup_z_order.sql
A    mapnik\install.txt
A    mapnik\all_tiles
A    mapnik\all_tiles\tilecount.pl
A    mapnik\all_tiles\C
A    mapnik\all_tiles\C\tilecount.c
A    mapnik\all_tiles\C\bst.c
A    mapnik\all_tiles\C\Makefile
A    mapnik\all_tiles\C\bst.h
A    mapnik\all_tiles\README
A    mapnik\all_tiles\render_all.py
A    mapnik\symbols
A    mapnik\symbols\aiga_parking1.png
A    mapnik\symbols\post_box.png
A    mapnik\symbols\bus_stop.png
A    mapnik\symbols\post_office.png
A    mapnik\symbols\tower.png
A    mapnik\symbols\postoffice.png
A    mapnik\symbols\recycle.svg
A    mapnik\symbols\aiga_restaurant1.svg
A    mapnik\symbols\motorway_shield.png
A    mapnik\symbols\london-tube-24.png
A    mapnik\symbols\pint.png
A    mapnik\symbols\aiga_rail_transportation1.svg
A    mapnik\symbols\aiga_coffee_shop_.svg
A    mapnik\symbols\recycling.png
A    mapnik\symbols\peak.png
A    mapnik\symbols\airport.png
A    mapnik\symbols\station.png
A    mapnik\symbols\grave_yard.png
A    mapnik\symbols\place_of_worship.png
A    mapnik\symbols\pint.svg
A    mapnik\symbols\pub.png
A    mapnik\symbols\recycle.png
A    mapnik\symbols\Image:Bus_station.png
A    mapnik\symbols\rail.png
A    mapnik\symbols\Bus_station.png
A    mapnik\symbols\parking.png
A    mapnik\symbols\motorway_shield2.png
svn: In directory 'mapnik\symbols'
svn: Can't move 'mapnik\symbols\.svn\tmp\Image:Bus_station.png.tmp.tmp' to 'mapnik\symbols\.svn\tmp\Image:Bus_station.png.tmp': The filename, directory name, or  volume label syntax is incorrect.

Reproducable, which to me doesn't indicate hardware failure.

> Also upgrading SVN client might be a good idea.

Newest client already.

> But run memcheck first anyway.

Memcheck? HIBT?


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