[OSM-talk] Announce: new JOSM plugin for Yahoo satellite images

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Thu Mar 15 23:20:49 GMT 2007

Francisco R. Santos wrote:
> Hi all,
> With this new plugin, you can now work with Yahoo satellite images 
> inside JOSM, the same way the applet or the flash editor does. It is a 
> port to java of the perl script that Frederik Ramm made a couple of 
> months ago, so it uses the same approach: spawn a browser window that 
> asks Yahoo the images using its API. However, this plugin works in 
> windows too.

The NPE layers are coming up nicely and are more use than the satellite images 
round here, but as I move in and out on scale, they move a couple of road 
widths around the real tracks. I can work with it as I can see the offset, but 
it's a little annoying when one zooms in and after reloading the map the the 
roads jump around :(

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