[OSM-talk] junction_ref=<whatever>

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Fri Mar 16 16:36:31 GMT 2007

David Earl wrote:

> I agree with you completely in principle, but we're not even close to having
> the data structure to support this properly. We need superways or some such
> to define junctions, to give us something to attach junction_ref to.

Would it be possible to have an extra tag to tie this "orphan"  
junction_number node to the real ways?

I'm thinking of an extra node tag like  
"associated_way=123519;123520;123521", which would imply that this  
junction_number node describes a junction drawn as ways 123519,  
123520, and 123521 (maybe the roundabout and two slip roads  

That way, you can still gather and render the data - and when/if a  
better solution appears, it should be a simple automated process to  
convert this to whatever new format we've chosen.

I think this would solve your last paragraph ("a short-term solution  
which can be updated when the technology allows"), but apologies if  
I've misunderstood.


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