[OSM-talk] Maximum segment length?

Andy Robinson Andy_J_Robinson at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue Mar 20 09:30:44 GMT 2007

Simon Hewison wrote:
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>Mike Collinson wrote:
>> Same issue in Australia.  The folks who understand the rendering
>technology may give a better guideline, but I've been using a max segment
>of about 4km which I think came out a previous discussion on the issue. May
>be 2m would be better.  The key issue is that if the nodes of a segment
>fall completely outside a tile being rendered, even though its going
>through it, it is as if it were not there.  I'd guess that in your case
>there is no other data in the tile, therefore it does not get rendered at
>I take it that you mean a maximum segment length of 4km or maybe 2 statute
>miles. A segment length of two metres would be crazy.
>I would normally suggest a maximum segment length of about 1km, but then I
>live in an overpopulated, overdeveloped area.

Blackadder dreams of segments that are over 100m ;-)



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