[OSM-talk] Abandon all ways: a polemic

Nigel Magnay nigel.magnay at gmail.com
Tue Mar 20 09:31:29 GMT 2007

> Ways demand taggers follow rules, seemingly made for the convenience
> of developers rather than ease of tagging, rules that aren't needed
> with a wayless data structure. Superways are a hack upon a hack that
> will give us more grief as we get in a muddle just where tags come
> from. They add complexity when a move in the other direction makes
> using OSM data simpler and does no damage. Oh, and how many
> hierarchies of superway should be allowed? Superduperways anyone?
Only because ways are built from segments - do note that changing this is as
much about /removing/ segments as it is about adding ways (I call them paths
to avoid confusion).

You can do anything with tagging. But it's harder to enforce things like 'no
2 nodes in a path have the same index' that you get automatically, and
adding new items to ways entails copying potentially many tags into it. What
happens if that stretch has a disjoint set of tags (where the tags are
entirely dependent upon context) ?

Superduperways - this is just hierarchical paths and defnitely should be
supported. Move to paths, throw out segments, throw out surrogate node
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