[OSM-talk] josm on a mac

Zoran Kovacevic zoran at kovacevic.nl
Tue Mar 20 11:52:36 GMT 2007

John McKerrell wrote:
> On 20 Mar 2007, at 10:59, Zoran Kovacevic wrote:
>> SteveC wrote:
>>> If I buy a three button mouse, will I be able to use josm properly? Has
>>> anyone done this on a mac?
>>> have fun,
>> yep. i have a apple mighty mouse, which can be configured to be a three
>> button one (even though you don't see all the buttons).
> I use a Microsoft scrollwheel mouse which works great for dragging with 
> the right mouse button and zooming in/out, but the "middle mouse button 
> to show information" doesn't work, does it work for you?

Haven't tried - it's my magic widgets button.

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