[OSM-talk] Fwd: MBR trails

Nick Dyer nick at shmanahar.org
Tue Mar 20 13:41:47 GMT 2007

In article <ccdb57d0703200539n1f98995bvcccbd34ae4ed9247 at mail.gmail.com>,
Interlug  <interlug at weait.net> wrote:
>Indeed.  The surface tag is already in OSM.  Extending the surfaced /
>unsurfaced values to include gravel, mud, dirt, etc seems ideal.

We regularly go mountain biking in the New Forest and the surface on any
particular stretch of path can vary from gravel to foot-deep mud to
rutted heather over the stretch of 100m.

And the best thing is that any particular stretch will be different
based upon the time of year, how much it has rained, and whether they've
been loggin recently.

So you might be chasing a moving target with this one...

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