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Wed Mar 21 00:17:35 GMT 2007

On 3/20/07, Dirk-Lüder Kreie <osm-list at deelkar.net> wrote:
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> 80n schrieb:
> > It also utilises a pre-processor (called Frollo) which sorts out the
> > ordering and direction of segments.  Segments that are mis-ordered or
> > pointing in the wrong direction will no longer cause so much of a
> > problem on the rendered tiles.  There should be a visible improvement
> > in areas, where a mis-ordered segment could often cause great big
> > triangular holes.  There should also be an improvement to the
> > rendering of street names.  There should be fewer chopped up and
> > inverted street names.
> >
> > The Frollo pre-processor is designed specifically for use with
> > Osmarender, but both Frollo and Osmarender can be used on their own.
> > Frollo may be useful for anything that needs to have the segments
> > sorted into a sensible order.  More details here:
> > http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/Osmarender/Frollo
> While I like the new osmarender styles and small fixes I'm against the
> usage of this preprocessor for the tiles at home layer.
> The errors should be fixed in the source data, not at the renderer.

You can use Frollo to do this.  Download an area, run Frollo, and then
upload using JOSM.

> Besides Frollo seems to have problems with it's max recursion in some
> areas, like z12 2035 1350 where it also takes *ages* (step I ran for
> more than 15 minutes CPU time, step II used 12 minutes) just to
> "Frolloize" the data, not mentioning the enormous amount of RAM it uses
> there.

Ways that contain a very large number of segments (several hundred)
will cause this.  My testing didn't uncover anywhere that was a
practical problem but I'll look at the area you have referenced.  All
that's needed is an index to speed it up.  Just didn't think it was
necessary - but it obviously is.

> Seeing how long my 1Ghz renderer takes for that tile I can load that
> area manually and look for any inconsistencies (with mappaint plugin and
> segment order numbers activated) concerning segment orientation and
> ordering, upload again and render with Cambridge.
> I'm seriously considering to disable Frollo on my clients at the least.

I hope we can avoid that :)

> Wikipedia doesn't run a spellchecker on it's data, it's the users that
> correct misspellings. OSM should work the same IMO.

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