[OSM-talk] Where came the concept of ways, segments, nodes?

Mike Collinson mike at ayeltd.biz
Wed Mar 21 01:34:01 GMT 2007

At 12:04 AM 21/03/2007, Raphaël Jacquot wrote in another thread:
>the definition of a way is typically in the GIS world
>* goes from one intersection to another intersection *
>whoever says "the common definitions from the GIS world don't apply to
>us because <blah>" is mistaken. 

Learning, ("Robbing" :-) ), from other disciplines is always a good thing to do.  Why reinvent the wheel?

May I ask some of our more long standing members where the concept OSM ways, segments, nodes came from?  

Once I got over what I think is most newbies mental block about the different roles ways and segments play, I think, and still think,it a very elegant model, difficulties in rendering at the segment level notwithstanding.  I'd like to do some background research if there is anything published in the academic world.


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