[OSM-talk] tiles at home updates

David Earl david at frankieandshadow.com
Wed Mar 21 18:10:59 GMT 2007

I am puzzled what is going on here:

I uploaded a load of new stuff for this area from JOSM on Wednesday March
14th (just a week ago). The osmarender version rendered my changes almost
immediately (within minutes). I then reviewed what I had done and made some
changes (among the more obvious ones were that I had managed to duplicate
the place "Pampisford" incorrectly near the bottom of that area, and the
green area to the SW of the main road in the north edge of that area should
have been bigger.

I made changes (including deleting the easterly instance of Pampisford, and
enlarging the green area - Magog Down - part of which I did using the applet
in order to make use of the Yahoo images - this was just before they were
available in JOSM) and uploaded them, probably less than an hour later.
However, the tiles have still not been re-rendered a week later. Yet others
I uploaded this afternoon (unrelated to this area) have been rendered, again
within minutes.

I checked that the data did indeed get uploaded - it did. And that my
browser cache hasn't got old tiles - it hasn't.

So, is there a bug in the queuing mechanism for Times at Home?

Can I prod it to redo the affected tiles without modifying the data?

I guess Mapnik will render these tiles later this week as I assume they just
missed the planet dump last week.


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