[OSM-talk] IMPORTANT!!: YWMS plugin is not allowed.Don't use it.

Joshua Marinacci joshua at marinacci.org
Tue Mar 27 18:39:49 BST 2007

Perhaps we should start an effort to hook into one of NASA's WMS  

- Josh

On Mar 27, 2007, at 10:32 AM, Robert (Jamie) Munro wrote:

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> Francisco R. Santos wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Scott Regan, from Yahoo, has definitely confirmed us that the YWMS
>> plugin is not a right way to have Yahoo satellite imagery in JOSM,
>> because of a clause that prevents us to capture and manipulate the
>> images. As the plugin is capturing the image, that clause is  
>> against its
>> use.
> IMHO we're not capturing the images by copying them to a temporary  
> file
> that is immediately deteled. The browser does this anyway when it  
> makes
> a browser cache.
>> I've removed the plugin jar, so no new mappers can install it, but
>> existing users *must* stop using the plugin with JOSM. We should  
>> start
>> looking other way to use the flash or javascript API within Java,  
>> if we
>> want imagery on JOSM.
> Perhaps jflash? http://jflash.dev.java.net/
> (it also has an interesting license idea that OSM could copy - no
> redistribution of the code unless you have contributed something
> worthwhile to the codebase. Once you have been approved, further
> distribution is allowed under the LGPL)
> Robert (Jamie) Munro
> (Please continue discussion in either dev or legal as appropriate)
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