[OSM-talk] Taking OSM usernames and passwords on other sites (eg Freemap)

Nick Whitelegg nick at hogweed.org
Wed Mar 28 11:45:30 BST 2007

Hello everyone,

(cc to Steve)

I'd like to extend the POI editor (announced yesterday) so that users can 
contribute polygons (e.g. outlines of woods and lakes) to OSM through an 
OpenLayers interface on Freemap, using the new OpenLayers vector layer.

However to make it as easy and hassle free for users to use, I'd prefer users 
sign in with their *OSM* usernames and passwords rather than have to signup 
for a Freemap account. Freemap would obviously not "steal" the usernames and 
passwords but just send them straight to OSM for authentication.

Would this be acceptable? Presumably users could decide themselves whether 
they want their OSM username/password used in this way.


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