[OSM-talk] Superways again

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Mar 29 10:45:25 BST 2007


>> Which tools in particular? JOSM allows you to create the structure  
>> you
>> suggested but I've never tried it myself. Does it render badly?
> I know that it is supported by josm, but it is unusable, you can  
> not see that
> a segment is part of two or three ways in JOSM.

Here in Karlsruhe we are tagging tram lines using the same segments  
we use for roads, *if* the tram is actually using the road (i.e. you  
can also drive your car over the tram tracks). We're only using  
separate segments for tram lines if the tracks are physically  
separate from the road.

IMHO that's the only way to go. We had used separate segments for the  
tram line before but that caused all sorts of problems (put them on  
the left of the road? or on the right?) and introduced rendering  
artifacts at junctions (where joining roads seemed to "cross a tram  
line" which wasn't the case).

With current versions of JOSM, some care is required to work with  
structures such as these, but once you understand how it works, it is  
not too difficult. You can always middle-click on a segment and see  
all the ways using that segment; then hold down Ctrl to "freeze" the  
popup and select individual ways from it.

I'm sure that will improve with time, but for the time being I am  
willing to accept some difficulty in editing if I get correct results  
from it - better than creating "wrong" data because it is easier to  

Don't know how the other editors handle that though.


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