[OSM-talk] Main page (www.openstreetmap.org)

Christoph Eckert ce at christeck.de
Sun May 27 12:53:51 BST 2007

> The reasons for the redirect were that the site didn't look
> as good as it does now and there was a lot of down time compared to
> now.

while I agree with some of the points, I'd like to state that the main 
page with the map is not available enough. IIRC the redirect to the 
wiki has been introduced because the wiki meanwhile is much more 
reliable than our map.

I agree the map should be on the initial page, but it is a bad 
advertisement for our beloved project if the map doesn't show up at all 
or tiles are not loaded properly due to a slow server.

Thus, can we put efforts into making the map server as reliable as the 
wiki server?

Just my two cents,


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