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> what about this?

> http://www.ts0.com/osm.jpg


> i'd buy one!



I think that one looks a bit hot of cycling. How about this one: Vest
id=121>  details

(Not sure about the price though. £1.50 for a jacket in 2007 and 13p extra
for XXXL)?


Here’s another supplier.. £4.20 this time – vests are cheap!



Personally I would vote for





on the back in big letters (as shown by Sven) and also in small letters on
the front which is going to be just fine for the bullshit factor, and will
also attract the right sort of questions from people who are awake and


Of course one does also sometimes need a hard hat and boots for areas under
construction, but they don't need a logo!


What next... I'm in for a vest if others are too. How do we sort out a bulk
purchase? Is anyone offering to do the ordering and distribution? I would be
happy to underwrite an order if we wanted some for stock (although the costs
appear to be very low). The quality must be good, I don't want the lettering
coming off in 2 minutes but both of the above companies offer printing
options which is just great.










> (does anyone else have the problem where hitting reply just goes to that

> person and not the list? only seems to happen on this list)


> Sven Gr?ner wrote:

> >> Yes, yes, I also want a high-vis jacket to see what it's like.

> >> I would like it half to look offical, but half to promote OSM or at

> least

> >> something that would secretly identify myself to other OSMers (a wordy

> joke

> >> perhaps). Trouble is I don't think you can have it say anything clever


> >> still get the offical look.

> >>

> >

> > Why not call it "OSM surveying"?

> > People have heard about "OS" so they won't wonder about an additional

> > "M" ;-)

> > It's straight forward, honest and people interested in mapping will

> > still be attracted to google "OSM"

> >

> > MfG, Sven

> >

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