[OSM-talk] Does potlatch make it too easy for people to unintentionally screw things up?

John McKerrell john at mckerrell.net
Fri Oct 12 08:36:46 BST 2007

On 12 Oct 2007, at 07:26, Charalampos Theocharidis wrote:

> From my own experience I know that if you are used to JOSM a switch  
> to Potlach is not that intuitive. How about a training mode for  
> Potlach -eventually for JOSM also- that every new user must pass  
> before the edits are saved?
> Additional a short screencast introducing the work with Potlach  
> could solve many problems.

Funnily enough, I said to Richard on IRC yesterday that since I've  
been using potlatch more for the past few weeks, just because I  
haven't had time to go out and get traces, I've started to find it  
much more intuitive. Now that we've switched to 0.5 as well I'm  
finding josm particularly unhelpful (I'm in add-node-and-segment  
mode, now how do I connect this way to that other way, oh I have to  
switch to "add segment" mode to put that final "segment" in  
(apologies for referring to them as segments, you know what I mean ) ).

There's definitely still some things it doesn't handle as well as  
josm (adding tags is easier in josm if you know to hit alt-a and  
start typing) but I definitely find potlatch better for 0.5. Once  
you've looked at the primer a few times it gets better. And as  
stated, there's a "play" mode now so accidents shouldn't happen so  
often. Richard - what happens if you don't select play or start and  
just start using potlatch?

It's probably worth putting a link to the primer on the potlatch page  
though too, perhaps above it?


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