[OSM-talk] Does potlatch make it too easy for people to unintentionally screw things up?

Andrew Loughhead andrew at incanberra.com.au
Fri Oct 12 12:10:37 BST 2007

Brent Easton wrote:
>> To be honest I don't really expect many people to switch from JOSM to  
>> Potlatch. JOSM is the more powerful and more flexible editor. Potlatch  
>> is really designed for those who are starting out, those who want to  
>> make quick changes, and those who (like me) have very limited patience.
> Or, who find themselves sitting in front of a strange computer with an hour or two to kill. I  have said bad things in the past, but I have come to very much appreciate JOSM and be thankful that it was available. Thank you Richard.
I guess you meant Potlatch.  My own "or": who get fed up with how hard 
it is installing a JRE under Fedora, versus the much easier installation 
of the macromedia player, and who also like the better rendering of the 
Yahoo aerial photo background (apart from that 'dimmed' business! ;-)).

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