[OSM-talk] Disallow Anonymous Edits NOW

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Sun Oct 14 23:13:34 BST 2007

Steve Coast wrote:

> +1 to be fashionable
> It's also fashionable to give up freedom for security, which is
> pretty much what this is. Cutting off semi-anonymous (they still need
> an account) editing is just putting off attacking the real problem,
> which is rollback.

Hm. I'm working on rollback, but it is undeniably a Hard Problem and  
in Potlatch UI terms needs to be lumped with the even Harder Problem  
of redesigning the tag editing panel. That's why it hasn't happened  
in Potlatch yet, not because I'm lazy (well, not especially).  
Frederik committing five-line changes to two or three controllers  
doesn't really delay this work.


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