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Steve Chilton S.L.Chilton at mdx.ac.uk
Sat Oct 20 18:03:16 BST 2007

My initial request is probably quite simple. I currently use shapefiles to populate a postgis/postgres database to use as a testbed for addition or changes to the osm.xml file for mapnik rendering. The four shapefiles - point, line, polygon and roads - are currently kindly provided for me by another OSM project member - through what route I am not even sure, who I certain has much better things to do with their time. Nor am I sure if they are post/pre-processed in any way. So, I would like the ability to generate these 4 shapefiles myself. I would like to NOT have to download the full planet file first, but would like to filter by bounding box - in order to select areas of interest to work on, but without either working in an environment I don't understand (almost any - as I am a green WinXP user) and without having to generate and process huge files on the way. One time I might want data from say SE England to experiment with changes to a common tag, and another time I might want a highland/countryside region to work on rural/mountain type tags, or an area of the world with many large lakes to experiment with bringing in that feature earlier, for instance. Apologies if this request is formulated in a naive way, but I hope you get my drift.

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	Now we have 0.5 I *may* (no promises mind!) find time to work more on osm2shp,
	the .osm to shapefile conversion utility, a process which should be much less
	painful now those darned segments are out of the equation :-)
	So does anyone have any particular requests for capabilities?
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