[OSM-talk] (Proposed UK) National Cycle Map standard

Andrew Williams andy at tensixtyone.com
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2008/8/5 Stephen Gower :
> I'm not quite sure who is considering this, but
> http://www.cyclecheltenham.org.uk/map_standard.html claims to be "being
> considered as the basis for a national standard."

Good to see this getting some traction, Warrington have made a similar
style map available[1] which has been really useful to cyclists.

> The actual map looks pretty good for an end-user and exactly the sort of
> thing I want to see. However, I can see that trying to incorporate the data
> into the OSM model will be scuppered by people saying it involves too may
> subjective decisions.  Anyone got any suggestions for a tagging scheme that
> would allow us to use OSM data to produce maps to this Cheltenham Standard?

If you look at it objectively, then the only new tags you would need
is a "traffic level" tag, which would be also useful for routing use
in the future. I think the rest are covered by existing tags, right?

[1] http://www.warrington.gov.uk/Images/Warrington_Urban_tcm31-28295.pdf

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