[OSM-talk] Interesting 3D online map of Chinese cities

D Tucny d at tucny.com
Mon Dec 1 03:12:40 GMT 2008

Hi Folks,
Thought this might be interesting to some of you...


It's a map site that's been around for quite a while... The number of cities
covered and the area covered within those cities is growing all the time...
But... What makes it different to any other site is the fact that you get an
angled view of the map with 3D renderings of buildings and features shown...
 From the main page, the easiest way to see an example is to click on one of
the city names underneath the search box... This will bring up a part of
that city... Note, it works in IE and Firefox, but not Chrome, not sure
about Safari or others...

The way they seem to make money is selling traditional, physical,
advertising space in their virtual 3D view of the city... So, some buildings
will have advertising boards on top, some with have balloons flying from
them etc.

Key extras that they offer include georeferencing property/real estate with
photos, typically integrated with or linked to from local property/real
estate websites... Also, quite comprehensive bus route and stop information
include the ability to see which buses pass particular stops and the route
of individual bus routes... Something which can be quite useful as bus
routes are intertwined across cities and local buses in many cases have
stops named after the adjacent residential area, which especially if you're
not local, can prove a challenge to getting around.

The map doesn't get updated very quickly, and the priority does seem to be
more on making it pretty than in being entirely accurate, and whether this
is really what happens or not, it does appear that buildings where someone
has paid for advertising get a 3D rendering of them quicker than buildings
that haven't... But... It's a novel concept that works quite well and is
reasonably simple for people to use even if they have trouble with
traditional 2D maps...

I'm not in anyway related to the company behind the edushi website and I
don't believe any of my friends of family are, I'm just posting this as I
believe it may be of interest to other OSMers... :)

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