[OSM-talk] Edit war on the wiki "map features"

Matt White mattwhite at iinet.net.au
Mon Dec 1 10:54:52 GMT 2008

Richard Fairhurst wrote:
> Robert Vollmert wrote:
>> I do wonder why people are always jumping on the corner cases to  
>> discredit smoothness=*.
> It's not about corner cases. It's about usability. Remembering what
> very_horrible means, or absolutely_smashing, or
> aaaahhr_you're_my_best_mate_I_feckin_love_you_I_do, is just impossible. It's
> like tracktype all over again, just with silly names.
Maybe "arsecomfort" would be better than smoothness... you drive down 
the road, and once you reach the end, you can easily determine if your 
backside falls into the "lovely", "a bit sore", "bruised", "haemmoroid 
hell" or "my coccyx is coming out my nose"

Works well for all types of seated vehicles...


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