[OSM-talk] Using OSM data with JAVA

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Dec 1 13:56:21 GMT 2008


Jan Torben Heuer wrote:
> Hi, I hope this is the right place for my question.

No, definitely not. There is a routing at openstreetmap.org list and a
dev at openstreetmap.org list, both of which would be more suitable than
talk at openstreetmap.org.

> I want to use OSM data for a routing client. I therefore need the
> streetdata. I heard that OSM can be accessed via postgresql

This is wrong; you can only import OSM data into a postgres instance of 
your own, you cannot access someone else's postgres.

Check out "traveling salesman" (-> wiki.openstreetmap.org, use search) 
which is a working routing application in Java; I'm sure you can use 
that as a starting point. There are also non-Java routing 
implementations (gosmore and navit most notably) and a routing web 
service that is written in Java but wher the source is not (yet) 
available (www.openrouteservice.org).


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