[OSM-talk] Where have all the contributors gone?

Inge Wallin inge at lysator.liu.se
Mon Dec 1 16:29:41 GMT 2008

On Monday 01 December 2008 13:59:32 Andy Robinson (blackadder-lists) wrote:
> The latest charts are now online [1] and they show that the number of
> contributors has dropped in the last couple of months. The number of new
> users signing up each day hasn't changed much.
> Is it the northern hemisphere winter kicking in?
> Has the credit crunch or fuel prices made a difference?
> Students returning to studies?

I'd say winter.  It's definitely the case for me (Sweden) and if you look at 
the statistics you will find exactly the same dip during the same period last 

> If anyone out there who was contributing in the summer and has now stopped
> could share the reasons I might help shed some light.

I haven't actually stopped, it's just slowed down.  But I imagine others that 
could stop temporarily.


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