[OSM-talk] Where have all the contributors gone?

graham graham at theseamans.net
Tue Dec 2 00:50:00 GMT 2008

Andy Robinson (blackadder-lists) wrote:
> graham wrote:
>> Sent: 01 December 2008 4:07 PM
>> To: osm
>> Subject: Re: [OSM-talk] Where have all the contributors gone?
>> I've just realised - I have a house to let in a beautiful largely
>> unmapped part of Italy and was wondering where to find customers. Now I
>> know ;-)
> What part? How Big? Is it available for a mapping party :-)


The area is Abruzzo.

Penne (my town) itself is 'done' - except that a lot is guesswork as the 
streets are too narrow to get a good signal and you have to do it from 
odd points.

None of the other small towns in the area are even started. We've just 
about done the 'A' roads but lots of the others are undone.

For the rest of Abruzzo: one person has done Pescara (the capital, on 
the coast) and one Montesilvano, which joins on to it. One person is 
doing Lanciano further south, and one just started on L'Aquila (the 
other big town), but all the other towns the same size as Penne (eg. 
Chieti, Citta Sant Angelo, Atri) are still to do. There's another person 
in osm with a house to let near Teramo (also not mapped), about 40km 
north of Penne but the road between is so wiggly it makes me feel ill..

It's a very hilly area, you need to be fit if you're cycling (and I 
don't have a bike there) - but loads of little kids go shooting up the 
hills, cycling is a big sport in the area. Obviously it's flatter near 
the coast; the mountain has a huge plateau on top with trails and horse 
trekking routes - not in winter though. There is a lot of scope for 
walking mapping round small old towns, and for driving mapping round 
country roads.

My place has one double-bedroom, one with two single beds, one living 
room with sofa bed, two bathrooms. For a mapping party I'd have to cover 
my (fairly minimal) costs but have convinced my missis we could do it 
without charging otherwise, as long as it isn't in the really peak season.

There is an english lady in Penne who runs a B&B and does walking tours 
- she is grumbling about the lack of available printed maps to give her 
customers, and I was hoping to get round to doing a contour map and 
experimenting with putting one of her walking routes on it. She might be 
very amenable to letting her B&B (actually a floor in an old palazzo) be 
used if she knew she might be getting something like that back from it..


> Cheers
> Andy

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