[OSM-talk] Edit war on the wiki "map features"

Stephen Hope slhope at gmail.com
Tue Dec 2 02:38:58 GMT 2008

>  Where you have the sign post for 4WD only, is that an access restriction or
> a suggestion?
> I.E. If you go on that road with a motorbike, or a 2wd vehicle, could you
> face prosecution? Or would you just be considered a bit foolish?

It's a warning, not a restriction.  I regularly take my 2WD on one of
these roads, every time I visit my aunt. On the other hand, I'm only
going about 2 kilometres, I know I can handle that bit of the road as
long as it isn't raining so hard the surface has turned to porridge,
and the really bad parts are past her house. I've gotten a few odd
looks from 4WD drivers going the other way (passing isn't easy,
either), but no one's ever tried to stop me.

On the other hand, some of these roads are hundreds of kilometres
long, with possible fords/flooding, steep hills, bad ruts, and no
inhabitants to turn to for help. I wouldn't want to take a single 4WD
on those roads, let alone a 2WD.


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