[OSM-talk] Postcode searches in Namefinder

elvin ibbotson elvin.ibbotson at poco.org.uk
Tue Dec 2 09:07:06 GMT 2008

Well, you learn something new every day! I never knew post codes were  
subject to copyright. OSM has taught me it is naughty to trace off an  
OS map or even read the name of a road from one. Now I'm worried  
about sending letters! Should I add an extra line to the address  
crediting the Post Office? And the rest of the address: are street  
names copyright too? Somebody thought of the name of every street so  
I guess they must own the copyright. Maybe I should just avoid  
sending letters to addresses that haven't been there long enough for  
the copyright on the postcode (and street name?) to expire. Now, is  
that 50 or 60 years? I forget. Correction: I don't care.

elvin ibbotson

> From: David Earl <david at frankieandshadow.com>
> Date: 1 December 2008 10:52:23 GMT
> To: talk at openstreetmap.org
> Subject: Re: [OSM-talk] Postcode searches in Namefinder
> UK postcodes as well as being distinctive and recognisable also  
> have the problem that they are copyrighted (at least, the database  
> and geolocations are), so it is hard to get good coverage using OSM  
> tags (because mappers have no means to collect these on the ground  
> and don't have access to copyright free sources) and the  
> "freethepostcode" initiative, though improving is still quite  
> sparse (and, I noticed when processing some of it, is riddled with  
> errors - obvious typos and wildly misplaced codes).

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