[OSM-talk] Where have all the contributors gone?

Nick Whitelegg Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Thu Dec 4 15:30:55 GMT 2008

>however, the recent drop-off in mappers correlates very nicely with
>the fall in non-business sunshine hours. and is slightly correlated
>with mean daytime temperature (at least in the UK).

>>> If anyone out there who was contributing in the summer and has now 
>>> could share the reasons I might help shed some light.
>> I haven't actually stopped, it's just slowed down.  But I imagine 
others that
>> could stop temporarily.

>i've pretty much stopped - the flash on my camera drains the battery
>too quickly for night-time mapping...

What about weekends though? I do almost all my mapping at weekends, even 
in the summer, and managed to do some mapping on all 10 weekend days in 
November. :-)


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