[OSM-talk] A large part of London Missing?

Ed Loach ed at loach.me.uk
Mon Dec 8 17:30:15 GMT 2008

> Somehow this tile seems unrenderable with inkscape.
> It's either a bug in inkscape or an error condition check fails
> somewhere in the perl wrapper.

It seems it is there now, uploaded by Estartu. 

Could the problem be related to this bit in Tileset.pm:
    # Check for correct UTF8 (else inkscape will run amok later)
    # FIXME: This doesn't seem to catch all string errors that
inkscape trips over.
    ::statusMessage("Checking for UTF-8 errors",0,3);
    if (my $line = ::fileUTF8ErrCheck($DataFile))

Can anyone work out how to find out what possible UTF8 errors there
might be? Or would you be able to tell some other way if this were
the problem?

Or looking at items added today, could a way with only one node be a
problem? Way 28811327


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