[OSM-talk] addressing

Dave Stubbs osm.list at randomjunk.co.uk
Tue Dec 9 11:45:22 GMT 2008

> sure, editor support isn't 100% yet, but why re-create a poor-man's
> relations with name-based references, when we already have "proper"
> relations?

Because editor support is almost non-existent, and exceptionally confusing :-)

The advantage of using addr:street is that it does just work. The only
problem being that JOSM isn't clever enough at the moment to
autocomplete the field based on existing streets in the area. It
actually should be a drop down combo box letting you select the
relevant street. And it's entirely possible to cleverly rename local
objects' addr:street when the street name changes. Of course once
you've gone to all that trouble you might as well have made the
backend use a relation instead.

I like the clean relation data model, but find the addr:street thing
much easier at the moment.
Maybe I'll add an addressing button (sorry, I meant obscure keypress
:-P) to Potlatch sometime then there'll be no excuses left.


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