[OSM-talk] addressing

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Dec 9 13:41:20 GMT 2008


Matt Amos wrote:
> except when it doesn't - e.g: misspelled streets, deleted "in use"
> streets, etc...

A little redundancy doesn't hurt - on the contrary, it makes spotting 
mistakes easier. And about deleted "in use" streets: If a house has a 
certain address then it has that address, even if the street which used 
to pass by the house is physically removed. There is no automatism in 
the real world that links house addresses to streets, so why should 
there be in OSM? If you remove the road next to a house node with an 
address, then the address will of course remain unchanged until this is 
done explicitly... just like in the real world.


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