[OSM-talk] Android OSM Navigation (AndNav.org)

Nicolas Gramlich plusminus at anddev.org
Sat Dec 13 22:01:37 GMT 2008

Hey list,

we (Nicolas Gramlich & Pascal Neis) wanted to keep this mailinglist up 
to date with our current projects.

My (Nicolas') project is AndNav2 ( http://andnav.org/ ). It's an 
Navigation System based on Googles Android Platform ( 
http://www.android.com ) and OpenStreetMap-Data. It's meant to be a 
thinclient, that loads MapTiles from any MapTile-Server on Demand and 
caches them locally. Therefore it is just around 1-2 MegaBytes in total 
size and fits into the RAM/ROM of every Android-Phone. Parts of AndNav2 
are open source, but not the application as a whole. (See: 
http://osmdroid.googlecode.com/ )

Interfacing with Pascals OpenRouteService.org (ORS) works extremely 
well, because he builds upon the well defined OpenLS standard and soon 
AndNav2 will adapt all and more features than ORS provides. Let me give 
you a short overview (all features on 
http://www.andnav.org/index.php/features ):

- Worldwide viewing of OSM-Maptiles with diferent Renderers (like Slippymap)
- Text-2-Speech output of the Turn-Descriptions (like: "In 500 meters, 
turn left into king street.")
- Caching Maptiles to the local filesystem (Cachesize adjustable)
- Contribute GPX-Traces back to the OSM-Project through the API
- Realtime Navigation (See Video: 
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-Fg46JbVns )
- Car/Pedestrian/Bicycle-Navigation
- Shortest/Fastest Routes
- Textual Description of Turns in currently 5 different languages
- Routing in many countries of Europe (Only limited by server-capabilities)
- Preloading of MapTiles (along a route and rectangles), useful when no 
network-coverage is available.
- Saveable Routes, when no network-coverage is available.
- Perspective View/Pseudo 3D. (See Video: 
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOfKpjEpRa8 )
- 'WhereAmI?'
- Accessibility-Analysis ("Where can I get in X minutes")

Feature-Suggestions are always welcome in the forums: The webseite is: 

Best Regards,
Pascal & Nicolas

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