[OSM-talk] osm2go as yet another desktop tool?

Ed Loach ed at loach.me.uk
Tue Dec 16 09:46:43 GMT 2008

> JOSM imho isn't trivial for beginners. That may be where osm2go
> can help
> on the desktop.

Define trivial. 

I think Potlatch has the advantage that you can switch from map view
to edit mode easily for the area you are viewing, but once you've
done that I still need to have an extra tab open for the wiki page
to keyboard shortcuts (especially where they differ from those in
JOSM). I find it annoying that sometimes I press Enter to stop
editing a way, only for it to decide that I've clicked a link to
take me elsewhere (user page, usually, I think) and I have to go
back and repeat the last few edits. It is getting easier over time
as I use it more, but I started with JOSM initially. Actually, I
tell a lie - when I first encountered the project I correcting the
spelling of a road name using Potlatch and then wondered why my
correction wasn't visible when I went back to view mode. I didn't
know about weekly rendering of Mapnik or about other layers at that
point (I hadn't even noticed the big plus in the corner or wondered
what it did).

At least once you've mastered downloading an area in JOSM and
uploading changes everything else seems to be available on handy
menus (or at the side of the screen if you want to add a tag

I use both, depending what I am doing. Recently I found that if I
switched the GPS traces on in JOSM I could *see* the two stripes of
a dual carriageway and the one in question was shifted a lane to one
side (so one carriageway was where the other should have been and
the other was missing the traces entirely), so I shifted all the
nodes onto the traces using Potlatch because I could easily drag the
map to get the next bit down the carriageway (for those interested
it was the A12 in the UK from Colchester towards London until it
lined up again). I also used Potlatch yesterday to fix a few things
highlighted by the Data Consistency checker recently mentioned on
the dev list
(http://keepright.ipax.at )
which is under development (as in last time I looked it was using
slightly outdated data and some of the issues highlighted locally
I'd already corrected).
I used JOSM yesterday to import photos next to my GPS traces to work
out which of the marked points were postboxes and which bus stops
(or a pub, or a post office).


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