[OSM-talk] Disable Potlatch finally.

Johnny Rose Carlsen osm at wenix.dk
Tue Dec 16 15:38:27 GMT 2008

"Gert Gremmen" <g.gremmen at cetest.nl> wrote:

> I want to plead for disabling Potlatch.
> Most of the silly edits, things like self crossing roads,
> star formed roundabouts, forest areas crossing waters
> and worse are 99% caused by potlatch editors.

I would'nt say that Potlatch is all bad, 7% of what have been mapped in
Denmark has been mapped by me using Potlatch exclusively. I am however
sure you can find errors in my edits, but I don't think its any worse
than what I would have made with other editors.

Potlatch is the beginners choice of editor, and beginners always makes
more mistakes than the experienced. If JOSM was as easy to use as
Potlatch and was as easily available, then I'm quite sure you would see
lots of mistakes made from JOSM instead.

> The slowness of Flash on most computers, leads to
> mouse lagging and positional errors, wanted or unwanted.

I'm sure it runs slowly on many machines, but it does work fine on some
machines as well. I have no problems on my Pentium M 1.8GHz, 1GB RAM.

> The immediate action by updating every change 
> worsens the consequences because things not directly
> visible (for whatever reason) are left in the database.

There are certainly drawbacks in live editors, but I'd rather spend my
time trying to find solutions, than flame Potlatch and request it to
be shut down.

Why I use Potlatch and not JOSM:
 - Very easy and intuitive user interface
 - Requires no installation, and is available on all computers I come by
 - Yahoo Maps just works, no fiddling around with old versions of
 - Easy to use on high-resolution screens (15" 1600x1200)
 - Has most of the features I need

Best Regards,
 - Johnny Carlsen

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