[OSM-talk] Is anyone making public transport routing maps basedonOpenStreetMap data?

Peter Miller peter.miller at itoworld.com
Wed Dec 17 09:37:53 GMT 2008

On 17 Dec 2008, at 09:12, Hugh Barnes wrote:

>> Would it be useful to create a list for discussion of public
>> transport applications within OSM. Could I suggest a title of
>> 'talk-transit' or should this conversation be part of the
>> 'talk-routing' list? Including PT routing in the talk-routing list
>> might make some sense because there is always a walking element to
>> the routing and people interested in routing may also be interested
>> in PT routing. I certainly think this conversation needs a 'home'
>> that is off the main talk list which is too busy already.
> +1, preferably for a separate list. I'm not sure how welcome transit
> discussion would be on the routing list. (I'm curently subscribed to  
> it
> only on the off-chance some transit material will surface.)
> I have been under the impression there isn't too much interest for  
> this
> within OSM, judging by the paucity of activity on the lists and  
> content
> on the wiki. I think it's another potential killer app for OSM.

Lets try to get a new list set up and then we can have the detailed  
discussion there. Given that 80% of what we will be talking about will  
be bus maps, coding of public transport schedules and routes and how  
to describe the innards of large interchanges I suggest we start our  
own list and don't try to impose our interests on talk-routing. We  
know of transit related initiatives in a number of countries already  
that use OSM and I would hope that others will come out of the  
woodwork as we raise the profile. We should add a wiki page of transit  
related initiatives using OSM in different places to help people find  

Let's explicitly include shared taxi systems (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Share_taxi 
) within the scope (as well as fixed route fixed timetable systems). I  
believe the phrase 'transit' is understood in more places that 'public  
transport' and it is also shorter!

I suggest we call it 'talk-transit' with a description 'OpenStreetMap  
and public transport/ transit / shared transport services'.

Votes for would be appreciated. If you object then lets here now as  
well. I will 'apply' for a list (if that is what one does) in a few  



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