[OSM-talk] clearing the remaining coastline issues?

Peter Miller peter.miller at itoworld.com
Wed Dec 17 13:53:40 GMT 2008

There are really not that many coastine problems left in OSM. I know  
the view below makes it look really very bad but it is only the east  
and south coasts of the USA that have significant errors left. It  
really doesn't take too long, especially as it is hard to stop! If  
about 5 people gave some time to it then it would all be done in a  
week or so. When the coast is clean the data will be much more useful  
for more purposes.

Here is a view of what is left.

My personal aim is to have the coastline free of these errors rather  
than the have it accurate. I often leave lots of work for locals to  
do, but I want the coastline to not have broken sections and have  
water on the right etc. Sometime I delete closed sections where the  
vectorisation process was got it all wrong, sometimes I reverse the  
ways to keep water on the right, and there are also linear sections of  
coast that either need to be completed or deleted.

Can I suggest that people commit to doing different parts of the  
globe. For example someone might say they were doing Australia and the  
islands to the north east of there and also New Zealand.

I suggest that the USA is dealt with by state. I am happy to work on  
sorting Florida.

Any other offers? One person could probably sort Europe and Asia in an  
evening! Africa would take about an hour. the USA slightly longer.  
Canada might need two people to sort all the islands to the north.



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