[OSM-talk] caching of landsat/yahoo images

Roman Neumüller email at katpatuka.org
Wed Dec 17 14:03:16 GMT 2008

The JOSM plugin lakewalker has the IMHO very nice feature to cache the  
tiles it uses for walking a lake into its own folders. I just wonder if  
feature couldn't get extended to generally cache landsat images into a  
folder !?

If you live in a region were there is no Hires-data available at all you  
have potlatch's flash/yahoo data or josm's landsat data to rely on. But  
you have
to download the image data over-and-over again whenever you are in the  
same region.

And: the same idea might apply for potlatch's flash/yahoo image data!
Wouldn't it be nice to have already downloaded images cached ?!?



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