[OSM-talk] Is anyone making public transport routing maps based on OpenStreetMap data?

Nick Whitelegg Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Wed Dec 17 14:22:32 GMT 2008

>I'm interested in completely mapping my city bus network, it would be
>great if there was some online routing application that I could go to
>that could plan my routes. Of course I'd have to provide it with
>sufficient survey information to do this, which would be part of
>mapping it obviously.

>Routing applications based on OSM data also have the opportunity to do
>inter-network routing. You could step onto a bus in one city, take a
>rail to another one, inter-city bus to yet another city, then a bus
>and walk on a footway to your destination. All based on OSM data.

I wonder if there is scope for an OpenTimetable.org system or similar, 
which is an integrated - and open - bus/train timetable database. 
Transport companies could be invited to supply data to this, and then it 
could be made available to anyone.


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