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D Tucny d at tucny.com
Thu Dec 18 09:46:13 GMT 2008

2008/12/18 Tom Hughes <tom at compton.nu>

> > So far, it looks like the majority of the country would be able to
> > accept a full import of everything... except the roads. .. it's only 10
> > or so tiles that nothing would be imported (just nodes), and less than
> > 100 where only roads would be omitted.  (there are 12,539 tiles in
> > Canada) (.5x.25 degrees) - something like that... the actual breakdown
> > will (should) be posted on the wiki.
> So this is mostly only about the roads, but in a lot of ways people
> would probably consider them the most important feature, so if we don't
> get any roads imported without them having to be traced over then we've
> only gained a fairly limited amount.
> To be honest most of this is obviously up to you guys as you're the ones
> that will have to work with it. My main concern is what impact whatever
> scheme you choose will have on the server infrastructure and data
> storage requirements, which is why I have concerns about creating tens
> of millions of nodes which have many duplicated tags or which will wind
> up never being used and will just be deleted again.

If it's only 10 tiles of 12539, why bother with importing anything at all
for those 10 tiles automatically and instead have those areas manually
merged in?

For the 100 where roads would be omitted, surely again a manual merge of
that road data for those 100 would be the best solution... Then, as Tom
says, you only have to share the OSM files for the data to the people who
are taking responsibility for massaging the data in rather than putting in
lots of nodes with all the way names attached, which appart from using up
lots of space, would be a pain in the bum to connect up and in the event
that roads are already there, would you want a stack of unconnected nodes
all over the place that need someone to manually hunt down and delete?

I could see having a copy object down to lower layer option in JOSM would be
very useful for the manual merging... I know that you can already copy
between layers, but, I think it's either merge the entire layer into the
lower one or copy an object to another layer but not preserving it's

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