[OSM-talk] GeoBase nodes import

Andy Robinson (blackadder-lists) ajrlists at googlemail.com
Thu Dec 18 10:59:11 GMT 2008

Doesn't get my vote. If it's a feature already why would we want to have to
recreate it manually. Also by just importing nodes how can we
visually/easily tell what nodes relate to what feature, especially if
features overlap or cross.

I can understand the difficulty in adding new data into already mapped
areas, but if this import process is done by tile for instance then the
local user can specifically ask for the import and can work on clean-up tile
by tile (or other logical area) or decide that the data for that area is
already good enough and doesn't need the addition of the geobase data. Just
because we have another source of data doesn't mean to say that our data
isn't as good or better for specific locations.



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>Hi all,
>On the talk-ca list we are comparing the differences & similarities
>between this project & the TIGER import.
>I wanted to float the idea (to the general talk list) about importing
>the full data base that is available, not as shapes/ways/lines, but as
>nodes which show
> what map features the node represents.
>So for example, importing a park (in a mapped area) we would just show
>the outline dots of the park, and the user can connect the dots and
>show it the 'right' way osm-style.
>This would ensure that accuracy is there as well as alow updates as
>these updates would be directly ontop of the old one.
>These imported nodes would be then used as reference (like colour
>coded snap points)
>Is there a way that josm is able to allow the user to click on the
>space where the node is and select which node they want to use to
>attach the line/area/relation they are working with?
>Is there a way to make sure that these nodes dont get rendered?
>In the case of address range, what if these lines are shown as 1 side
>of the property outline?
>Sam Vekemans
>Across Canada Trails
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