[OSM-talk] OpenSantaMap

Tim Waters (chippy) chippy2005 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 18 16:37:38 GMT 2008

One of the main strengths of OpenStreetMap is that we have access to
the raw data, and one of the best ways we can illustrate this power,
whilst also reinforcing the idea that the map is just a rendering of
the data, is to create custom renders.

Great examples of these are the Mapnik and Tiles at Home maps,
Cloudmade's mobile tiles,  and of course the award winning

And now, as there has been some talk about a fun seasonal render,
OpenSantaMap, I have started a wiki page for us to add our thoughts.


Some ideas to get the (snow)ball rolling:

Snowflake background.
Using the Unicode snowman character ☃ .
Changing colours to more gaudy red/green scheme.

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