[OSM-talk] Rendering of Place Names in Mapnik

Ed Loach ed at loach.me.uk
Thu Dec 18 17:34:10 GMT 2008

Gustav wrote:

> How many values should we have for populated places? 
> We have 4 now (hamlet/village/town/city). Should we 
> add more? Reduce to fewer? Maybe just one?

Perhaps something could be done similar to boundary with so many
admin_levels and some sort of default mapping from the existing 4
places to their new numeric equivalent (a bit like footway and some
combination of tags including highway=path are equivalent as far as
I can tell). This would allow areas around the world to use
intermediate levels should they wish to, if their societal structure
makes such use appropriate.

I'd probably add suburb somewhere between town and village, and
allow perhaps 2 spare levels between each of those 5 categories, and
perhaps a couple either side as well, though can't imagine what gets
smaller than hamlet - "isolated house" perhaps?


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